Thankyou for all your support - I am now on Maternity leave and am unable to take custom orders

About Me

Hi! I'm Beth Lewis, I am a printmaking artist and stamp maker based in North Cornwall where I live with my husband, 4 year old daughter, a growing belly with small human number 2, brood of chickens, 2 huge and very silly ducks and our baby tortoise Roger!

I am inspired by nature, wildflowers and the trees in our 28 acre woodland which I manage with my Husband. I grew up on an organic farm not far from where we live now but I always had my nose in a sketch book and never looked up long enough to appreciate fully the wonderful nature around me! After nearly 15 years in cities for my creative studies, I took my now husband on a camping trip to my parents woodland, and we fell in love! After a few years of camping trips and dreaming we asked if we could start helping, and eventually we took over the management and  run the woods as a traditional working woodland and event space you can find out more at

And so started my new learning journey... my nose is still in a sketch book but I took it as an opportunity to spend time being creative and learn what we need to manage the woodland ourselves! 

I started making stamps just a few years ago, at first for my own packaging to help sell my printmaking work and then for a few friends... and then suddenly I am making stamps full time!

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