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Custom Stamps

I feel so lucky that I get asked to make so many beautiful custom stamps!I make stamps of people existing designs, logos and ideas and design lots of stamps from scratch too! So whatever you need for your business, wedding, personal stationary or crafting needs, I'm your gal!

Prices for stamps vary based on design, detail and size as well as if you need a custom design made for you, but often single stamps come in around £35-60 and additional stamps, like little botanical elements, or smaller bits of information come in from £10. I have a large selection of my designs on my shop which can work really well with custom designs and have a look on my Instagram for more inspiration of the stamps I've carved and designed in the past!

Any questions, don't hesitate to drop me an email or DM on Instagram!



I get lots of questions about stamping and ink, and I'm always happy to chat ink and stamping techniques, so drop me a line if you have a special project and want to chat technical details! Here are a few of recommendations about the best inks and stamping techniques for most crafting projects!

Ink Recommendations: There are hundreds of brands of ink pads, and they make a real difference to your stamped image.

I always recommend Versafine/Versafine Clair inks for stamping onto paper and card, they have a felt lined pad which means its quicker to apply ink and they are archival quality, light fast and have a great range of colours. The Onyx black is available with a re-inking bottle so you can top up your ink pad as you go meaning they last many many years.

If you are stamping onto fabric, then I reccomend Versacraft which is fabric permanent when heat set.

And for a HUGE range of colours at a very low price, the Memento Dew drop is the best, I use them for everything colourful!

These are available from ebay/amazon/craft suppliers and cost around £2.50 for memento pads and £5-7 for versafine/versacraft. I don't currently stock any ink pads but hopefully will one day, support a local craft supplier if you can!