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Handprinted Meadow Twiddly Bits Box

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I found these these sweet little wooden boxes and was drawn to them and couldn't work out why,  nearly a year later I thought it was time I printed them up, shared them on my instagram and realised my Tiny (in physicality alone) Devonshire granny Bun would call it a 'twiddly bits' box. Her term for any little collection of things, most notably a little envelope of loose change given secretly at Christmas to make sure all 8 grandchildren got exactly the same amount of present. 

And so I fell in love with them twice!

Printed with a beautiful little meadow around the base and buzzing bee's on the lid. Each box measures 10x 17cm and 3.5cm deep. With compartments of 3x10cm, which fit small objects like paperclips, sewing bobbins, buttons or jewelry.